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Who We Are

Your neighbours certainly can tell if you are an organized person with green thumb if you handle your lawn as it should be. If you care for nature and one with interest in plants and shrubs, you must be artful and skilful enough to carry out landscaping, mowing, planting and decorating tasks. We know that these activities are sweaty and time-consuming that is why we are here to help you..

Omaha’s Best Landscapers is the answer to your long time question of how you can achieve the landscapes you want for your lawn. You can always choose the kind of trees and shrubs you want to see in it with us. You can also have well-taken care and well-maintained grasses growing on it if you hire us. Our expert landscapers underwent stringent training and hands on practices as we do not want to settle for less. We want to give excellent jobs for our customers.


What We Can Do For You

You might have your own preferences and methods in operating on your lawn. We know that everyone has been used to their own approaches and styles in removing brown leaves, debris and spent blooms. We have various approaches in controlling and growing our plants. That is why our services are specially designed to cater your suggestions as well as your preferences. With the versatility of our competent and experienced landscapers, we can certainly adapt to your choices with outcomes that are beyond what you can expect.

Omaha Landscapers has been very proficient in providing services such as pest control, weeding and fertilizing, leaf and debris removal, maintaining your lawn and bed as well as irrigation. We are also adept in different approaches in taking care of your lawn in the cycle of various seasons throughout the whole year. You name the services you wish to have and we certainly can serve it to you swiftly and effectively.

What Make Us Different

We know that you could not handle different factors affecting the growth of grasses on your lawn by your own. You could not even get all the necessary information and knowledge on how your different plants should be properly monitored and pruned. You may not be artistic enough to know the various styles of decorating your lands and soils as well as your shrubs patterns to something appealing in the eye. All of the aspects you can think of in lawn care are our expertise.

Omaha Landscapers continuously provide exceptional finished products for our customer’s complete satisfaction. We have been on the top in effectively handling your plants and lands amidst altering seasons and temperature every single day. We are taking good care of your lawns as if we have possession on it. All of the approaches you can think of can certainly be handled by us.

What Our Customer Have To Say

“My neighbour would tend to ask me who my landscapers are. I am not denying that I am getting complete satisfaction with Landscapers Omaha. I am even more willing to advertise and= recommend their service because they deserve it. Thank you for giving me extra-special service like no other.”

-Ronald Buck, Omaha, NE

“I am into nature and I love flowers and greeneries. I started creating a garden and learned the basics of plant growing. I sought help from Landscapers Omaha and I stopped doing the gardening from then. They were so special in making all my ambitions for my lawn come to life. I have not been satisfied as I am before because of their dedication in working on all that I tell them. Let them know what you want your lawn to look like and they can even make it work so fast.”

-Lyca Rhodes, Omaha, NE

“We always do movie watching and barbeque parties on my lawn. I started to pay attention to renovating and redesigning my lawn as I always get to have many visitors. Landscapers Omaha can be contacted any time and they will work fast and effective to beautify your lawn. The beauty of my lawn is still standing out until now from the day they worked on it.”

Glenard Fuss, Omaha, NE

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals Landscaper

We could not deny the fact that not all individuals do have the interest and habit of cleaning and taking care of their lawn. That is why the demand for professional landscapers continues to shoot up in the market. Landscapers Omaha is your main choice for expert handling and effective maintenance of the elegance of your lawn. Learn more of the benefits you can get:

There is no need to devote yourself to expensive equipment and materials for your lawn care.

You can even have more time in doing other obligations than to allocate it on your landscaping task that can consume most of your time.


You can surely say that you are in good hands as we are knowledgeable on all sides of the job.

Who We Can Help

Be it in residential or business settings, we are always available to share and show our
expertise to customers who want to achieve a lawn looking perfect like never before.

We are always striving to create a world of beauty and nature friendly. Be one of our happy campers and discover first-hand how we do the magic on your lawn.

How To Hire Us

Getting our professional service is just easy. You would just need to give us a call and discuss with us your landscaping needs. We will surely pick the best date for you to properly inspect and check how we can start the transformation of your lawn.

Our Service Guarantee

The beauty of your lawn with the safest methods and fastest way in maintaining its
beauty that will keep up is a piece of cake with us. We are the top choice to make the
touch ups for your lawn with our remarkable and affordable packages

People Also Ask

What are the best low maintenance plants?

A perfect low maintenance plant that is great as cut flowers!

Coneflower. Coneflower is a mid-summer bloomer that’s a great cut flower.

Hardy Hibiscus. Hardy hibiscus loves full sun and attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies

  1. Perennial Geranium
  2. Hosta
  3. Ferns
  4. Catmint
  5. Coreopsis
  6. Black-eyed Susan
How can I make a beautiful garden cheap?
  1. Repaint old furniture with weatherproof exterior paint and use it outside.
  2. Make your own plant pots from recycled plastic bottles or tin cans.
  3. Source free or cheap wood pallets, to create garden seating or plant stands.
  4. Build your own fire pit from old bricks and paving slabs.
What are the 7 principles of landscape design?
  •  VARIETY. Shape, size and form selections should be diverse in order to create visual interest.
  •     BALANCE. Everything that is placed in a design will carry a certain visual weight with it.
  •     EMPHASIS.
  •     SEQUENCE.
  •     Unity
What is a reasonable budget for landscaping?

On average, it’s recommended to budget 5–10% of your home’s value for major outdoor improvements. If you have gardening experience, some landscaping projects can be done by yourself. However, for major landscaping designs you’ll save more money by hiring a professional who can get it right the first time.

What are the three main areas of a residential landscape?

The next step in your design is to very generally organize the outdoor living area to meet your needs or desires. You do this much like you determine how you will use rooms in your house. There are three major areas in the landscape: the public area, the private area, and the service area.

What are the 4 elements of a landscape?

LINE – Lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved.  Lines are used in landscape designs to accentuate an object, control movement or draw attention to a focal point such as a fire pit or water feature.  A walkway or garden path with a direct route to a focal point will naturally draw a person to that area.  In contrast, a walkway that meanders will create a feeling of surprise.

FORM – Forms are associated with three-dimensional objects.  Plants come in many forms including round, upright, spreading, etc.  A round plant following a curved bedline gives a landscape a flowing and natural feel. In contrast, an upright or columnar plant placed along a linear walk takes on a more rigid and formal feel.

COLOR – Color tends to be the most used (as well as over-used) element of landscape design composition.  Warm colors include reds, yellows, and oranges.  Cool colors include blues, greens and purples.  Warm and cool color combinations have different visual impacts on the landscape.  Color is an important design consideration for both plants and hardscape. 

TEXTURE – Texture is a surface characteristic that can be divided into three categories:  Coarse, Medium and Fine.  Plants, pavements and other site elements all have their own texture.  Contrasting textures add interest to a landscape and should play an important role in design composition. 

Understanding these elements of design composition is an integral part of laying the foundation for good design and ensuring you will love your landscaping for years. If you would like assistance in planning your landscape design you should talk to a professional landscape designer or contractor.

What is the main purpose of landscaping?

Landscaping is an art of planning the drives, walks, lawns, shrubs, gardens, flower-beds etc. so as to form a beautiful setting for a building. The main purpose of landscaping is to create a joyful environment round the building and give the occupants a healthy breath, good appearance and natural beauty.

Should I buy a lawn mower or pay someone?

Seriously though, there is much good in hiring someone else to do it. You may not know it but your pay could just help someone meet his/her obligations. While lawn mowing seems like another household chore that’s doable by anyone, it’s actually best to hire professionals to do the job.

What is the difference between landscape architecture and landscape design?

Landscape architecture is a comprehensive concept. It describes the planning of entire properties and parks, including anything from plants to outdoor living areas and walkways. Backyard design, on the other hand, takes that overall vision and applies it to your plants and gardens.

What is the best low maintenance ground cover?

8 Tough Groundcovers

  1. Dwarf Mondo Grass. Dwarf mondo grass provides a sort of natural carpet beneath this bench.
  2. Moss makes a beautiful border in this Japanese garden and requires no mowing, leaving more time for meditation.
  3. Ajuga.
  4. Creeping Jenny.
  5. Sedum.
  6. Asiatic Jasmine.
  7. Liriope
  8. Vinca Minor.

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